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Work in Progress

Projects Mobile We are currently using Xamarin to create a mobile application targeting Android. The purpose of this application is to manage credentials. One of the biggest problems users have is reusing passwords for multiple online sites; not to mention creating and remembering complex passwords. The reuse of passwords is one of the major attack vectors for hackers. When they compromise a password on one site, they will try to use it for the same user across multiple site. Chances are they will find a site where the password will work. This application will help users create and manage individual complex passwords. In addition to the mobile application, we intend on creating a partner desktop application that can be used from a desktop or laptop. The two instances, mobile, and desktop, will be able to be synched.

Projects Article The question to which everyone is looking for the answer is how do we deliver high quality capabilities faster? Maybe the answer lays with understanding manufacturing processes and how they are planned, coordinated and controlled. There is no practical means of managing the manufacture of software devoid of applying theoretical academic constructs that are difficult to understand and use. In practice, few will accept this approach; so the question remains how does one apply rational management to the manufacture of Software? Answering this question is the goal of our research and subsequent article.

Previous Work

Some of these projects have been completed while working on staff for an organization or while engaged as a consultant. This list will provide you with an overview of the type of work we can do.

  • Participated in strategic and tactical planning for converting an existing high volume, highly available, global online and mobile payment platform to a component based architecture.
  • Prepared a strategy for accepting live traffic across multiple data centers with the intent of supporting anytime deployment of active components within a platform without ceasing or degrading normal operations.
  • Played an active role in transforming a development organization from one able to deliver software 4 times per year to one that could deliver high quality software every two weeks with the long-term objective of being able to release anytime without interrupting or degrading operations.
  • Guided the design and governance for big data initiative that was implemented using Hadoop ecosystemCollaborated with scrum teams that delivered software every two weeks.
  • Conceptualized and implemented a data governance structure centered on the identification and management of corporate meta-data and the management of data lineage and data quality.
  • Developed a strategy for delivering information to decision makers that was intended to leverage a corporate investment in existing, expensive, and underutilized Business Intelligence tooling.
  • Played an instrumental role in the decommissioning of corporate systems in preparation for bankruptcy. This included writing applications to make 28 million emails and 500,000+ electronic documents searchable for regulatory and legal discovery.
  • Provided usability competence in matters affecting all Graphical User Interface (GUI) components. This included in working with the corporate usability group to design and implement a standard approach to assess user satisfaction with a given interface.
  • Coordinated all analysis, design, implementation, and testing activities for a solution that satisfied the regulatory requirement for real time trade matching and reporting.

  • Created a multi-tier architecture based on a loose coupling and message passing that provides common services to all internally developed software artifacts.
  • Designed and implemented a corporate Operational Data Store whose purpose is to consolidate and standardize corporate data.
  • Worked with responsible development teams to support continuous scaling of the interactions with numerous vendors and other processing partners through load testing and he identification of configuration changes to create realistic SLAs and ensuring services meet those SLAs.
  • Conducted the analysis and design for a solution to implement cost basis tracking for customer positions, which required changing the accounting assumption from average costing to specific identification.
  • Gathered requirements and created the design for an underwriting system that was integrated with the corporate information system.
  • Conducted preliminary, requirements, and systems analysis, as well as created the architecture for an integrated enterprise information system encompassing both back-office processing and an online trading system.
  • Designed and implemented a platform crypto strategy that contemplated key management and periodic key rotation.
  • Worked with development teams as a technical steward to assist them with the implementation of MSDeploy and NuGet.
  • Designed a corporate framework for the purpose of decoupling enterprise data from vendor applications as well as provide structured management of interdependent data processes.
  • Created a conceptual and logical enterprise data model that was to be used to create a corporate Operational Data Store (ODS) for the purpose of data standardization and consolidation.
  • Coordinated firm internal and external resources for the development of OAM reporting in ATM networks.

  • Led an initiative to improve responsiveness of account management processing applications by focusing on the infrastructure and reverse engineering a core processing component used by these applications.
  • Designed and implemented a solution to improve scalability of an existing core processing component. Component processing throughput was increased from less than one-hundred thousand messages per day to over a million messages in the same time period.
  • Designed and implemented a distributed event handling prototype using RabbitMQ, Restful services, and a multi-threaded windows service.
  • Designed and implemented a multi-threaded smart client supporting connected and disconnected modes using message oriented architecture that included a custom image viewer.
  • Designed and implemented several critical system components that provided support for regulatory compliance such as customer reserve, margin processing, annual tax reporting, and monthly customer statement creation as well as the processing of transactional activity with industry clearing corporations.
  • Designed and implemented platform configuration component, including security mitigation logic to protect against threats.
  • Designed and implemented a scalable complex process integrating solution components implemented using SQL Server 20008 R2 stored procedures, SSIS, and C#. This solution also was required to scale from several thousand to well over five-hundred thousand letters in a process run to comply with regulatory mandates.
  • Designed and implemented a tool that remotely controlled protocol monitoring on UNIX workstations from a central testing device. The remote automation component was added as a product to the testing suite of the company product line.
  • Designed and implemented a loosely coupled component that aided users in developing, running, and formatting the results of ad hoc queries against a replicated data server without requiring knowledge of SQL.
  • Implemented automated interfaces with TFS and SharePoint for the purpose of supporting Risk and Compliance by providing periodic entitlement audits.
  • Implemented and subsequently upgraded penetration testing strategy for platform applications and service layers.